MWT microwave dryer


MWT drying is used in foundries for drying cores, in the food industry for sugar, wood industry and for consolidation of resin, phenol and glue.

Multi-core MWT technology offers not only 100% dry material, but also a longer service life of individual high-frequency components.

MWT dryers are known all over the world and compete successfully with conventional dryers. In fact, the technology was first installed in 1991, and the customer list is growing every year, which is the best proof of competitiveness. Environmental results are good, not only for the environment, but also for suppliers. Because the material does not overheat during drying, it has high technological advantages. Microwave drying also reduces the time required for drying and has minimal space requirements.

More details about these devices are available at our address. Be sure to contact us if you want a permanent solution to the problem of drying water-coated cores.

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  • Microwave drying dries the material from the inside out. Material that looks dry - and is dry!


  • The cores do not overheat during drying (approximately outlet temperature only 50 ° C).
  • No residual moisture, 100%.
  • Complete degassing of the coreSimultaneous strengthening of the outer layer of the core
  • Microwaves penetrate in the entire core and focus only on the moisture in the core!
  • Core configuration does not affect the process!
  • Even in complex cores, microwave ovens find moisture hidden in the pockets.
  • MWT gives a guarantee on "100% dry sails"!

Microwave ovens find all the hidden pockets of moisture

Microwave dryer with rollers and pallet return at the end of the procedure.

Increased productivity

  • Drying is no longer a bottleneck in production.
  • Drying, degassing is synchronized with production.
  • The cores can go to casting immediately.
  • Flexibility, cores of different configurations can be dried at the same time
  • Technology adapted to the production process - not the other way around.
  • MWT core drying technology allows the use of metal parts in the core.
  • There are no additional restrictions.

The modular design allows the dryer to be expanded in case of increased production

Cost reduction

  • Energy costs compared to conventional hot gas dryers are only about 25%
  • No flue gases
  • Reduction of ejection as a result of residual moisture
  • Minimum required space
  • The time required for painting and drying is reduced to less than 20 minutes!
  • The nuclei are not exposed to a humid atmosphere for a long time.
  • It only takes 3.6 squares to evaporate 40 kg of coating per hour. meters.

Fast return on investment

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