HIRADO breakers


We offer tools from a Japanese manufacturer HIRADO KINZOKU KOGYO Co.Ltd, Fukoka - Jpn

+386 41 390 024 




The wedge is designed for castings system removal and feeders breaking. There are many different types of wedges on offer, depending on the size required in the foundry. The size of the wedges ranges from 5 to 70 tons.

HIRADO breaker SBH  

The breaker is used for various cast iron fractures in the foundry. It is most commonly used to reduce the length of the casting system. Shortened casting systems facilitate manipulation in the foundry and increase the melting efficiency in furnaces.


HIRADO metal cutter 

Cutters are mainly used for non-ferrous metals. With them we cut, shorten casting systems and castings. There are several different sizes of cutters on offer. It can cut the largest cross section in aluminum 45 x 45 mm.


HIRADO hidraulic unit

The hydraulic drive unit has been specially developed for the use of various Hirado tools. We also offer multi-stage aggregates that allow high tool speeds, and thus an advantage over competing tools.

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