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In shotblasting we cooperate with the company Siapro Ltd. from Slovenia, which is a world known manufacturer of shot blasting machines. On the manufacturer's website are presented Siapro references.

Siapro shot blasting machines are suitable for shotblasting with blasting wheels as do with compressed air. Installation and maintenance of Siapro shot blasting machines are due to modern production technologies simplified, cost-effective and competitive. Siapro shot blasting  machines are manufactured under the strict European standards.

High-performance blasting and huge savings for the customer Siapro reach with its own E-ECO technology. Siapro E-ECO shot blasting wheels  can be installed on the machines of different manufacturers. Range of shot blasting machines that we can offer:

1. Standardized shot blasting machines:

-         Tumbler shot blasting machines with rubber belt
-         Drum shot blasting machines with metal belt
-         Overhead conveyor shot blasting machines with hook
-         Overhead conveyor shot blasting machines with monorail
-         Continuous overhead conveyor shot blasting machines with monorail
-         Roller conveyor shot blasting machines for shotblasting plates and profiles
-         Turn table shot blasting machines
-         Blast machines with rotary table
-         Shot blasting machines for blasting pipes
-         Wire mesh belt shot blasting machines


2. Shot blasting machines – Custom made

3. Anti Corrosion and painting lines

4. Dedusting systems

5. Shot blasting chambers

6. Equipment for blasting

7. Shot peening machines




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