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Clansman manipulators operate in some of the toughest manufacturing environments in the world but continue to provide supremely robust high-technology solutions for material handling in forges, foundries, steelworks and even garbage handling for energy conversion. Superior reliability and maximum simplicity means more uptime, lower maintenance costs, and smoother production.


Foundry Manipulators - Clansman Manipulators are very different by size and design 

There are hundreds of manipulators Clansman in operation around the world and if you talk to the users they will invariably say that they do a great job, save labour, increase productivity, improve safety and improve working conditions - but they always break down, cause stoppages and cost too much to maintain.

Every piece of the machine from the main control card (where there are no relays) to the main vertical boom (where a steel casting is used to avoid fatigue cracks in welds) to the rotating hydraulic joint in the wrist (which allows all hoses to be kept inside the wrist structure) has been analysed and reanalysed so that we obtain a long life. Long life means 10 years on 3 shifts a day with a cycle every 6 seconds - that is a ferocious duty of 40,000,000 cycles, requiring very precisely calculated stress levels.

The range of applications for Clansman Manipulators is continuing to grow and a range of applications and examples of their use.



Air Canons and Hammers

The Clansman range of Canons are used to blast castings from gatings. They can be mounted on a crane hook, operated by a man or computer system - or for maximum flexibility mounted on a Clansman Manipulator.

Each Clansman Canon is supplied with:

  • Complete with hook attachment point
  • Shock absorber mounted operator handles
  • Pneumatic valve and trigger
  • Connector for 6 BAR (90 psi) air



Clansman Powerbreakers solve the problem of cutting and handling gatings in the foundry. Shorter gatings are easier to transport and to remelt. The gating is fed into the Powerbreaker which instantly grips, bends and breaks the gating. Powerbreakers have been in operation since 1995.

The Clansman Powerbreaker is an immensely strong tool to reduce casting gatings to a manageable length. Powerbreakers have a breaking capacity of up to 120 diameter sections of all grades of ductile iron.



Foundry Grinding

There are thousands of traditional swingframe grinders in operation around the world. They require a significant physical input from the operator in order to be effective and over a shift the efficiency drops considerably. Clansman approach has been to take the man away from the direct contact with the source of fatigue and place him in a cabin with a well proven control system.





Forge Manipulators

Manipulators have been used in forges for many years and have proved an effective way of feeding furnaces, mills, hammers and presses. Operations in forges tend to be more restricted and require better planning and flexibility to provide complete integration. Because of the high value parts being handled in forges, break down and stoppages are costly, reliability is key to the design.



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