KOYAMA automatic grinding

Automatic grinding machines



PS Auto Grinding Limited
offers Automated Grinding, Fettling and Cutting Solutions KOYAMA BARINDER for Foundries for castings up to 325 kg and 1.6 m in diameter for;

  • Aluminium
  • Iron
  • Brass
  • Bronze.

Sold as Series 400 and Series 500, the machines were designed by leading Japanese Foundry, Koyama Corporation in 1973 to solve their own grinding shop problems of bottlenecks in production, high labour, high inspection costs, variable quality and high accidents.

Now marketed worldwide, Series 400 and 500 have combined sales of over 2000 machines and outsell its nearest competitors by over 5:1.

90% of PS Auto Grinding Limited foundry clients repurchase after buying their first machine. This is testament to the product performance, return on investment, and Award Winning back up service which comes as standard.

Automatic grinding machines KOYAMA seria 300, 400 in 500

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Procedure of grinding you may see also on Youtube.

Koyama automatic grinding - Youtube

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